Asics Beat The Sun

150KM of mountainous terrian and 15hrs 41mins to make it to the finish before sunset, Asics Beat The Sun is nature's toughest relay

Asics Beat the Sun is a trail race like no other. A challenge against nature, relay teams from each of the world’s continents come together with one goal: to make it to the finish line before the sun goes down – and in a time that is faster than their competitors. On 21 June 2015, the race saw just two teams beat the sun; Team Amercia’s and Team Europe South finished in 15hrs and 3mins, both beating the sun by 38mins, and Team America’s beating Team Europe South by just 4secs. The five teams, which were made up of three professional runners and three amateurs, faced 8,370 meters of crippling incline in the 150KM relay around Mont Blanc, while battling brutal weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from 25 degree heat at low level to -5 at altitude. WATCH these incredible athletes push their endurance to its very limits, and see how one man made it to the finish line with the support of his team mates, as his body fought to give up on him…

To read the full feature on how UK runners Charlotte Love and Holly Rush got on during this epic race, pick up the September issue of the magazine. (On sale now).

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