3 Of The Best Bras For F+ Cups

We’ve tested out some the best bras for larger cup sizes. Take a look at the three that came out on top. 

3 Of The Best Bras For F+ Cups

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support Bra

They say: Offering combination support to shape and control breast movement, this bra is designed to deliver maximum protection during any activity, whether the wearer is a B or HH cup. The bra has a crop-top design, featuring an integrated sports bra, providing high-level support, adjustable, padded straps and a racer-back. It is made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics and integrates mesh side panels for additional ventilation. Available for cups A-HH.

We say: This bra definitely delivers on support and bounce control, reports our 30GG tester. She enjoyed the duo back fastening, featuring two hook-and-eye closure fastenings and commented that it felt “good quality”. While she did say that the crop-top design created a “monoboob”, she did say that the feeling of support provided by the bra made up for this. She was also a huge fan of its look and style: “I absolutely adore the colour, so much so that it could be worn on its own.”

Tested by: Jo

£37.00, boobydoo.co.uk/shock-absorber-active-multi-sports-support-bra-building-print

3 Of The Best Bras For F+ Cups

Freya Active Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra With Moulded Inner

They say: Freya’s best-selling underwired crop top bra, this bra is to said to have produced excellent results when tried and tested: zero movement, a reduction in strain to one per cent and a 97 per cent reduction in pain. The bra individually encapsulates each breast for individual breast support and shaping, features a wide bottom band and has padded straps for comfort across the shoulders. The wide curvature wire in an oval shape also provides added comfort by reducing pressure across the body. With lightly padded cups, the bra also gives maximum coverage. The slide-hook fastening gives the option of a two-way fit, with the back fastening easily transformed into a racerback. It is fastened via a four-row hook-and-eye closure system, bringing a flexible fit. The moisture-wicking COOLMAX fabric, combined with mesh panels, helps the wearer to stay cool and dry, while the soft-seam thread reduces friction on the skin. Available in B-H cups.

We say: Having resorted to wearing two sports bra in the past to support her 34H breasts, our tester had her reservations about whether this bra would provide her with the support she needed. And upon first try-on, she wasn’t convinced, having spent a long time getting the fit as she wanted – the racerback option being her desired choice. She commented that this took longer than she’d hoped to get comfortable and admits to feeling concerned about how much weight was then transferred into the middle of her shoulders. However, upon trying it out the treadmill, she was delighted by the comfort and bounce control it provided: “By the time I’d reached the gym, I’d stopped being aware of the racerback and, once I got running, I didn’t notice the bra or my boobs at all, which is ideal.” While the bra didn’t quite live up to its “zero movement” branding, our tester did say this was “not uncomfortable and [she] felt well supported overall.”

Tested by: Melanie

£40.00, boobydoo.co.uk/freya-active-underwired-crop-top-sports-bra-with-moulded-inner-ultraviolet

3 Of The Best Bras For F+ Cups

Enell Sports Bra

They say: With wide, non-stretch straps to distribute weight across the shoulders and a wide, motion-control neckline, the Enell’s robust design delivers high-level support across the chest, back and shoulders. It has a full back with a  cross-strap design, providing posture-enhancing support and a wide elastic underband for a secure yet flexible fit. It has a hook-and-eye closure system at the front of the bra making the bra easy to get on and off, while providing a bespoke fit. The NATUREXX fabric provides moisture management and temperature control.

We say: Our tester found this bra firm, supportive and comfortable. She commented that it was very easy to get on off and said it felt “instantly “gripping” though not uncomfortable.” She commented on the fantastic bounce control delivered by the bra, having experienced “an impressive lack of movement in any direction” when tested on her runs. She was also pleased with the lack of chafing she experienced at the shoulders. While she wasn’t a fan of the compression fit, and the “monoboob” look this unfortunately delivered, she said, “there was some compensation in the fact that the “monoboob” is, at least, unashamedly red and shining!” While the manufactures do recommend hand washing this bra, she did wash and tumble dry the bra and commented that it “still looks new.” Summing up the bra, she said: “It’s not really a thing of elegance, but it does do the job. Neither is it cheap, although it appears to be fairly durable.”

Tested by Ellen

£48, boobydoo.co.uk/enell-sports-bra-rock-it-red

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