5 of the best running headphones for small ears

WR rounds up the best in-ear headphones for runners with teeny ears

5 of the best running headphones for small ears

Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones

5 of the best running headphones for runners with small ears

A market leader in the world of sport headphones, we were pleased that Jabra could meet our testing criteria. First off, the headphones are themselves small and discreet, weighing only 16g, meaning your ears don’t feel weighed down and, therefore, your earbuds aren’t left sore after a run. The headphones come with two sets of earpieces too, so the smaller-eared runners among us found the fit secure. Importantly, the sound quality is very good too, blocking out almost all external noise and offering an enhanced base. Not only that, they even feature a built-in heart-rate monitor, which is impressively accurate. And, with Bluetooth capabilities, you can even take a call as you transition through training zones! Unsurprisingly with all these frills, they do come with a pretty heft price tag, though.



Mee Audio M7P earphones

5 of the best running headphones for runners with small ears


A much more affordable option for the small-eared runner, the Mee Audio headphones might not have the same technical jazz at those from Jabra, but they offer a cracking fit. Like the Jabra Sport Pulse, they come with different-sized earbuds to fit your own ears, yet also hook behind the ear via a stiffer section of wire so you’ve got even more of a secure fit. They also feature a clip on the wire, which controls movement as you run, so there’s definitely no jangling! Additional features include sliding volume control and a single button to press on the remote to pause, play or answer calls, thanks to the in-built microphone. Sound quality is good but, be wary, they block out a lot of sound, so road runners should take caution.



Sennheiser OCX 686G Sport

Sennheiser OCX 686G Sport

Like the Mee Audio M7P’s, these headphone fit via a secure hook over the ears, except these are a little more sturdy. The team found this hook design, coupled with the different-sized earbuds, and excellent combination, both ensuring you feel ‘locked in’. That goes for the sound too, blocking out almost all external noise, it’s just you and the music – perfect for the gym, but not so practical for on the roads. Again, these headphones feature a smart remote and microphone on the cable, so you can control your calls and tunes without any fiddling!



Monster Isport Intensity

Monster Isport Intensity

In terms of practicality and safety, these headphones by Monster came up trumps. The headphones have been designed so that external noise can still be heard while listening to your music, meaning you stay tuned into your surroundings. But that doesn’t mean poor audio quality – you still get excellent clarity and base. Our teeny-eared team couldn’t fault in the fit either. As with our other selections, the headphones come with different size options of eartips, or as Monster calls them ‘OmiiTips’. These offer a snug fit, thanks to the wing-shaped design, and the moulded rubber covering makes them extremely soft and comfortable. The headphones also feature a microphone and controller, are sweat-resistant and water-resistant and have a tangle-free cord system so you don’t get in a twist!



Urbanista Boston Bluetooth headphones

5 of the best running headphones for runners with small ears

No matter how petite your ears, these little gems from Urbanista will ensure you stay stuck in to your workout. The headphones come with three different sized silicon earbuds – two with wings and one without – and are, overall, extremely slim-line and lightweight in design. When we tried them out there was quite literally no wiggle room and the addition of a peg to fit to your clothing meant they stayed securely in place. Plus, we loved the fuss-free design; with Bluetooth technology and hands-free volume control, you don’t need to worry about pulling your phone out of your pocket. While the headphones aren’t entirely noise blocking, they do still offer good audio clarity.




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