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Run an Empire brings gaming and running together to offer real-world challenges, fitness statistics and route tracking

When it comes to running and training apps, persuading people to ditch popular go-to choices for new alternatives can be tricky. But Run an Empire, which launched late last year, might just lure in more app users than usual with its fun and unique concept.

Players are tasked with capturing territory, owning land and earning coins by physically exploring real-world locations. In simpler terms, it encourages people to run further and for longer, and rewards those who cover new land more regularly.

The app’s strategy game style can help to make training and running more exciting, especially for new and casual runners. And more importantly, Run an Empire also allows players to socialise and play against friends and people in their local area.

The combination of fitness tracking, social networking and in-game challenges makes this an entertaining way to improve fitness. So, if you’re partial to a mobile game and want to ease your way into training more and logging your progress, this could be for you.

To hear from the makers of Run an Empire, click on the video below:

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