Review: Stryd Power Metre

Tech guru Damian Hall tries out the latest running power meter from Stryd

Review: Stryd Power Metre

Nothing provides more post-run insight to bore other people with than a heartrate monitor (HRM). “I dropped from 162bpm to 160bpm at mile eight!” No way, Mo! However, the HRM’s Jedi-like status might be about to change.

Stryd’s latest wearable power pod, “Stryd”, is a 7g, apricot-sized, waterproof carbon-fibre pod easily attached to muddy shoelaces, like a race timer. The wireless charger pad is proper fancy Death Star stuff.

Power sounds like something MAMILs are more interested in for their post-cycling stat freakouts. But Stryd says it’s a measurement of performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, and the external environment – the aim being greater running efficiency.

The package includes power-based training programmes and your training zones are determined via a series of running tests (no need for a lactic threshold test as you’d need for HRM training). Usefully, vertical oscillation and ground contact time are recorded, which no GPS watch can do (though Garmin HRM-Run’s pod can) and there’s data for leg spring/stiffness. It’s not perfect science yet – wind impacts the pod for example, thinking you’re going downhill, and it’s only partially compatible with Suunto (though likely to become fully).

So it’s too early to be sure the Stryd pod will improve runners – after all, it’s only recording data from one leg not both. But it’s full of promise. Could this be the end of those pesky chest straps?

Price: £199

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