7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

Hot kit picks to help you beat the heat

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

Our gear editor Tina Chantrey has been hard at work putting together her top recommendations to beat the heat, without further ado here are 7 summer running kit essentials to see you through the summer miles with a smile…


Icebreaker Cool-lite Mira Shorts

The Cool-lite fabric of these beautifully soft shorts, made from merino wool, is excellent at evaporating away heat, even when running under the scorching midday sun. They feel soft and stretchy, with an elastic waistband that doesn’t dig in or irritate. With such a relaxed, comfy fit, they’re versatile enough for any workout. They’re our number one choice for summer shorts, both on and off the trails. £65, uk.icebreaker.com

Tina says: They look like casual or gym shorts but are amazing to run in, too! I didn’t overheat and loved the relaxed feel so much I’ve been wearing them most days, down at the beach and just chilling out; they’re so cosy they’ve become a real all-rounder.

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

Salomon S-Lab Sense Tank 

The thin/fine mesh fabric plus low arms and ventilation holes across the front panel will keep you cool. Combined with the ‘37.5’ particles embedded in the yarn, this fabric dries five times faster than similar fabrics. Whichever colour you choose, at just 40grams, we think it’s pretty amazing!  £65, salomon.com

Tina says: I’ve got the black version and wear it during my hotter lunch runs as it’s so featherlite and thin. The fabric is like a thin mesh so the air can flow through on to your skin. Heavenly in the heat!

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials


Adidas Excalate Sunglasses

Train in style, with complete protection from the sun, in frames that will look gorgeous with any outfit. They won’t slip down your nose, in fact you won’t even notice you’re wearing them, they’re so light and flexible. They feel more like lifestyle, rather than sports sunglasses, with soft, grippy nose pads. With so many colour options, as well as advanced mirror lenses, you can coordinate your kit to transition to the pub, beach, café… From £63.99, rxsport.co.uk

Tina says: Very comfy when you’re running; they felt lightweight and didn’t irritate my nose due to a soft frame and nose pads. They don’t slip down so no annoying pushing them up and the lenses are large keeping all sun rays out of your eyes. I love large lenses and these come in lots of colours.

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials


Footner CoolActive Massager

Heavenly relief for your feet after they’ve been burning up the miles. Relax with the instant relief of the cold foam as it massages and eases out knots in the tiny muscles of your feet. You’ll love the feel of your skin being soothed. It leaves your feet moisturised, smelling fresh and ready to carry on the day!

£24.99, boots.com

Tina says: This is amazing after a run! It’s cool, you push the roller down to release the foam and then massage in. I’m constantly fighting my youngest daughter to use it as she loves to soothe her feet after doing gymnastics!

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

My Trusty Skincare Sunflower Range 

Combat the dehydrating effect of the sun with this new skincare range created using a natural sunflower oil formula, rich in essential fatty acids including linoleic acid. Why? These gorgeous products contain no parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or artificial perfumes, smell delicious and all profits go to the NHS. If you’ve got sensitive, dry or itchy skin that gets battered by the elements invest in this range now!

£4-£9, tesco.com

Tina says: Really, this range of skin creams is beautiful. It smells heavenly and feels smooth and non-greasy. I have very dry skin and it felt so soothing after a shower. It’s such a brilliant concept too, what’s not to love about it?!

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

Lifesystems Sports Sun Cream Factor 50 

It’s a high-performance sun cream that’s water and sweat resistant and has broad spectrum, photo-stable filters to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Available in SPF50+, for those who also swim it also features anti-jellyfish repellent, so pack it for your holiday! And it’s just the right size to store in your vest so you can top up protection along the trails.  £8.99, lifesystems.co.uk

Tina says: This cream is ready to be packed for our family summer holiday. I know that my daughters and I will want to muck about in the sun and the pool all day without worrying about getting burnt.

7 Summer Running Kit Essentials

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta

Racing marathon distance or further? This vest has extra zipped storage in the rear, plus a deep pocket and compression bungee for a jacket/baselayer. You have easy-reach holsters for 2 compressible 500ml bottles plus one front-zipped and one Velcro pocket. The mesh feels soft against your back, even in the heat and it’s easy to adjust the side and front straps to get a personalized fit. With capacity for a reservoir, plus loops for poles and an ice-axe this pack will look after you if you’re adventuring in mountains or harsh terrain. It feels incredibly feather-light.

£115, betaclimbingdesigns.com 

Tina says: I’d say this is the Rolls Royce of trail vests and worth buying if you are taking on a big challenge. I’m petite and have been running in the XS/S; it’s snug, there’s plenty of space back and front and can be adjusted so it doesn’t bounce. They’ve thought up a storage space for EVERYTHING you will need. 

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