Joan Benoit Samuelson smashes goal for Boston Marathon

The two-time champion finished within 30 minutes of her winning time set 40 years ago.

To mark the 40th year anniversary of her iconic win at the Boston Marathon in 1979, Joan Benoit Samuelson ran once again this year. The 61 year old running legend aimed to finish within 40 minutes of her winning time, 2:35:15 which she achieved at the age of 21 years old.

Joan did one better and smashed her goal, finishing within 30 minutes of her original winning time. She completed the marathon in an incredible time of 3:04.

Joan said, “Most athletes retire at the age of 40, and I’m still able and I feel truly blessed to still be able to get out there and run”

Joan emotionally expressed to Burton from WBZ TV how it was to be back at the Boston Marathon and how the cheering crowds at the race got her through.

She said, “I have to thank them for not letting me quit”

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