Every year we try to make our race series bigger and better, offering you a fun, friendly and supportive race environment from start to finish  and there after!

So we’ve teamed up with some of the best health and fitness enthusiasts in the UK, to help keep you inspired, informed and up to date with the latest in the fitness world, as you train for your run with us.  Whether you’re a running pro, beginner or somewhere in-between, our hand picked Race Series Ambassadors are here to assist you on your running journey.

Meet your Race Ambassadors…

Actively Rees

Founder: Nikki Rees

Nikki started her fitness journey after a “fight to death” with Spanx! Wanting to loose her baby weight, she started her fitness journey, accompanied by her now blog and online journal Actively Rees. Initially her blog started as her “own personal yet very public version of a WeightWatchers weigh in”, helping her take accountability of her fitness journey, but had no idea how this would go onto impact her life, body and mindset. To find out more, visit activelyrees.co.uk.

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Lipstick and Trainers

Founder: Emma Joy

Adrenaline junkie, running addict and fashionista Emma Joy started her fitness journey with her blog Lipstick and Trainers, sharing topics on her three loves: running, wellbeing and fashion. So if you’re looking for exciting ways to mix up your training, recipes for delicious healthy treats or the best looking sportswear, head over to Lipstick and Trainers.

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Marathon Girl

Founder: Gemma Hockett

Founder of Marathon Girl Gemma Hockett found her passion for running as a sprinter at county and district level. But after finding herself getting left behind as everyone around her grew taller, she fell out of love with running short distances. Thankfully she gave running another go in an attempt to keep fit later on in life and found her passion for long-distance running…Read more about Gemma and her story at themarathongirl.co.uk.

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Miss Wheezy

Founder: Beki Cadd

Miss Wheezy’s Becki Cadd demonstrates to us all that asthma doesn’t have to hold you back from leading the active lifestyle you my want. Her positive mindset, passion for fitness and determination to challenge herself turned Becki from an asthmatic who couldn’t run 100m to a runner completing four half-marathons, numerous 10Ks and 5Ks, a duathlon and a 24-hour team trail race. To find out more about Beki’s fitness journey, visit misswheezy.co.uk.

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The Runner Bean

Founder: Charlie Watson

Founder of The Runner Beans Charlie Watson has two obsessions, food and fitness, and her blog explores and illustrates how she tries to achieve a healthy balance between both. Sharing her honest fitness and wellbeing knowledge with us, Charlie aims to make fitness and healthy eating as simple, realistic and achievable as she can, while not missing out on some of the more enjoyable things in life. Visit therunnerbeans.com to find out more.

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Sam Eastwood

Founder: Sam Eastwood

Celebrity personal trainer to the stars, including Emilia Clarke and Felicity Jones, Sam Eastwood shares her inside fitness knowledge with us all through her Get Set Body online community. Through her expert fitness and nutrition advice, Sam is facilitating women of all shapes and sizes across the globe to get fit and healthy. For Sam, fitness doesn’t have to be time consuming – she’s all about making your workouts as efficient as possible, and focuses on using correct technique to make this happen. To join Sam’s inspiring and supportive community, visit sameastwood.com.

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Veggie Runners

Founders: Bibi and Jayne Rodgers

Award-winning food and fitness mother-and-daughter duo Bibi and Jayne are fit foodies who love to run! Fuelled with delicious vegan and veggie recipes, Jayne and Bibi are all about sharing body positivity, fitness and fabulous recipes with you. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be veggie to hang out with these two! To find out more, visit veggierunners.com.

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Fitness 4 Mamas

Founder: Mirka Moore

Marathon runner, fitness enthusiast and self-confessed social media addict Mirka Moore, started her fitness blog for mums who want achievable tips and encouraging advice. Knowing she wanted to share her love for fitness and knowledge with other mums, she started her online community Fitness 4 Mamas. So if you want to find out how you can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle around the kids, visit fitness4mamas.com

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