10 trail tips for first-time trail runners

We asked you to tweet us your trail tips and you delivered!


To help our WR10K runners prepare for their first trail race at our WR10K Bristol race, we asked you to tweet us your trail tips. Here were the top 10 tips!

1. “If you can’t train at the race location then train on hills to be prepared!” – Philippa Moore

2. “Make sure you wear trainers that are suitable for trail running and enjoy it!” – Emma Neachell

3. “If it’s a wet race, try your best to avoid big puddles, you never know how deep they might be!” – Victoria McCallum

4. “Don’t wear a GPS at all, it will distract you from the scenery” – Becca Johns

5. “Don’t be over-cautious, be confident and strong.” – Claire Cotswold

6. “Always take more supplies you need in case you get lost.” – Anna Passera

7. “No earphones… if not just for safety, so you can take all the sounds of nature in. Nothing better than listening to nature to stop you thinking about throbbing calves.” – Lisa Sullivan

8. “Wear a Buff insect shield.” – Sarah Gardner Hall

9. “Multi-task, enjoy the scenery but remember to watch where you are going.” – Irene

10. “Don’t worry about your pace & walk the hills if you need to.” – Shona Darley

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