Top tips to boost your fitness

Boost your fitness with these top tips from Davina McCall’s very own personal trainer

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Personal trainer and fitness expert, Jackie Wren, has shared her top tips to encourage strength, flexibility, cardio vascular efficiency and a feeling of wellbeing.

Set a time aside every day in your diary for your training. Interestingly, new research from Ryvita reveals that one in three 40 and 50-year olds have more time to exercise and work out. If possible, find a training buddy to do your programme with and encourage and help each other. Always check your form and make sure you feel comfortable doing the exercise, if something feels wrong then stop and move on to the next one.

Just put on some really good motivating music while you train. Music is a fantastic motivator and keeps you in a steady rhythm – and have fun!

Follow Jackie’s top tips below to boost your fitness…

  1. WARM UP – Walk on a treadmill for five minutes or go for a brisk walk to get ready for exercise. Over time, our bodies become less flexible, it is important to warm up the body before a work out.
  2. CARDIO – Aerobic activity that elevates the heart rate and burns fat. Whether it is a dance, aerobics moves, going for a brisk walk/slow run, a bike ride or time on an elliptical machine, each helps to benefit the large muscle groups and helps the heart and lungs.
  3. WEIGHTS – Lift weights, use hand weights or try body weight strength training in order to keep the bones strong. Menopause is a common time to experience a loss of bone density or osteoporosis. Weight training will keep bones strong by keeping the muscles strong. Strength training also can help to rev up the decreasing metabolism and help in burning the fat, even while resting.
  4. FLEXIBILITY & MOOD – It is very important to include workouts that stretch the muscles, such as yoga and Pilates, this can promote better muscle function. It is also important to have one complete rest day each week to enable you to recharge your body. I recommend making time on your rest day for meditating to reduce stress and improve your mood.
  5. COOL DOWN – STRETCH – At the end of a workout, walk for a few minutes and stretch to lengthen the muscle fibres and reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injury. This gives the body a chance to relax, promotes regular breathing and a slows down the heart rate as you finish exercising for a healthy end to your workout.

Ryvita has teamed up with Jackie Wren, Personal Trainer, to be part of their Positivity Panel alongside Davina McCall. Find out more here.

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