Women’s Running Race Series Virtual Run

Women’s Running Race Series goes virtual


Can’t make one of the Women’s Running Race Series live events this summer? Not a problem, simply select from either the 1-mile, 5K or 10K distance and run between June 1 and December 31. All you’ll have to do is provide evidence of your run and we’ll send you your Women’s Running Race Series medal. Plus, if you’ve entered the 5K or 10K, you’ll receive a Women’s Running Race Series t-shirt as well!

Run at least your required distance (1-mile, 5K or 10K) between June 1st and December 31st to claim your Women’s Running Race Series* medal. Plus, we are giving £2 of every entry to our headline charity sponsor NSPCC to help them keep up the great work they’re doing.


Entry is capped to 3000 participants across all distances with the below pricing:

1-mile – £10

5K –       £12

10K –     £12

*Your entry includes a £2 donation to NSPCC


How it works:

Just submit your evidence at the link in the above and we’ll send you your medal, it really is that simple.

Evidence can be a screenshot of your smartphone running app, a file upload from your running watch, or even just a photo of your tracker, showing your run.

For more information on providing your evidence, visit the Submit Your Evidence page here.

* Please note that we won’t be accepting evidence for this event until 5th June, with the final evidence submission closing 31st January 2018.