Paula Radcliffe talks keeping kids healthy, and marathons

Paula Radcliffe tells us about her passion for keeping kids healthy, and shares her top tips for marathon beginners

Current Marathon World Record Holder and Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend Ambassador, Paula Radcliffe, shares her top tips for beginners training for their first marathon.

Paula Radcliffe at Disneyland

Paula may have hung up her competitive racing shoes, but she still finds ways to keep herself focussed during long distance runs.

“Find a mantra to repeat or something to concentrate on, even if it is just counting or singing! I count to 100 in my head, it stops my mind wandering or worrying as you only think about which number is next. Then you get through the difficult part and into an easier bit where you can relax. Think back also to your reasons for running the race, how hard you have trained and how much you want to do well.

“For me, running has always been about the fun and the enjoyment and there is no better place for this than Disneyland Paris. It combines my love of running with that of having fun and also is an exciting weekend shared with many other like-minded people. Plus it keeps me a popular mum!

“I’m really passionate about kids keeping active and healthy, and families having fun together. For me, the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend does that to perfection. The kids get to do their runs, the parents get to do theirs, and then we all get to enjoy the parks and have a lot of fun together. It’s the perfect weekend!”

Paula Radcliffe running Disneyland

Paula’s top tips for marathon beginners

  1. Get a good pair of running shoes that suit your gait and running style.
  2. Join a club or running group to help motivate you.
  3. Set yourself some goals. Make them realistic but fun, set some dream ones to keep you motivated and know what you are aiming for.
  4. For training it’s important to vary the paces of your runs, build volume up gradually and include regular rest days.
  5. Before a marathon stick to easily digested foods that are tried and tested and remember to stay well hydrated.

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